The Heart – the Source of All Life

Kurt Hünting

Building Number: 2, Street Number: Schillerstraße, Any Nearby Landmark: Lower Rhine, Rees, Kreis Kleve, NRW (Nordrhine-Westfalia) 46459, Germany.

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Kurt Hünting




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February 10, 2022

About The Author / Editor

Kurt Hünting

Building Number: 2, Street Number: Schillerstraße, Any Nearby Landmark: Lower Rhine, Rees, Kreis Kleve, NRW (Nordrhine-Westfalia) 46459, Germany.

After 200,000 years since the modern human evolved on earth the human heart is continued to be the sacred, miraculous and majestic organ. The sacricity of the human heart is clearly derived from its marvelous duties and functions that approach optimal condition when it is functioning at optimal states physically, mentally and spiritually. The cutting edge research we are leading with our international scientific group nowadays is a true revolution in human understanding of the heart as central operator of our psychophysiological well being as well as the astrobiological orchestrator with higher energetic levels organizing the global process governing our higher wisdom and consciousness.

It is astonishing that our state of art knowledge of the central role of the human heart is at concordance with the ancient wisdom understanding extending since 6000 years ago and might be more.

The human heart was considered always as sacred body part, and its health depended on its contribution to the universal harmony. To the ancient Egyptians, the heart was the center of thought, emotion, and all other nervous function, an organ of such importance that it was thought necessary to salvation after death, and was left in the body at the time of mummification to ensure its availability at judgment and during the afterlife. This conceptual understanding of the human heart was the principal faith of religions since the dawn of history until Muhammad (peace being upon him) concluding sky messages to humanity.

The explosive technical advances of the 20th century were not without significant drawbacks in our interpretation of scientific knowledge. A prominent example of this was the materialistic perception sensing human heart as merely a pump.

In contrast to the understanding of the heart previously recognized by the most important civilizations in human history, the cardiac sciences in the 20th century deprived the heart of its pivotal role as the seat of the emotions in learning, decision- making, and intuition, which had been the implicit understanding of ancient civilizations. The heart is a sensory organ, and it acts as a sophisticated information encoding and processing center that enables it to learn, remember and make independent functional decisions. In 2021, therefore, it is somewhat embarrassing to practice in the cardiac sciences without acknowledging the electromagnetic, neuro-cardiac, biophysical, and astrophysical interactions of the human heart with the surrounding universe and beyond. Our new perspective is to see the human heart as the center of a spectrum of sciences ranging from genes to galaxies. At the dawn of 2021,I received forwarded lovely communication through my Heart Brother ,the chief scientist in the HeartMath Institute ,Rollin McCraty, from German thinker and philosopher called Kurt Hunting who was admiring our new research in the field recalling for wisdom to reconsider the central position of the human heart in life systems. Similar debate at quantum level was thought of in 1911 in Solvay meeting and after. He was specifically attracted by the universal understanding and the strong experimental bases of our Heart Based Resonant Frequencies (HBRF) theory of Human Consciousness. He invited me to write a preface of his new book on the central and universal role of the human heart.

The weight of scientific evidence supporting the view that the human heart is the center of universal spectrum ranging from Genes and below to Galaxies and beyond was the top priority for our international scientific team in the last two decades. The International Congress for Advanced Cardiac Sciences :the King of Organs headed by us as president ,continued to be the arena of our scientific team. The human heart is a sensitive detector, which is reactive to geological, geophysical, and astrophysical changes. This fact is compulsive for holistic perception of heart contribution to life and beyond, if we are welling to discover the mysteries of the human heart in health and disease as well as human faith.

Human consciousness has been elusory secret for humanity over the different civilizations. Intuitive knowledge of consciousness in the ancient wisdom point to the compulsive contribution of sun and space in human physical as well as spiritual life. The refute of the twentieth century neural firing theory is a restore of the confidence of thousands of years of human civilizations intuiting the role of sun and space in human consciousness. Geomagnetic and solar influences affect a wide range of human rhythmic systems with the nervous and cardiovascular systems, with their significant contribution to consciousness, being the most clearly impacted. Paucity of true comprehensive experimental work and dominance of theoretical and philosophical theories in the field of consciousness science,is the role. The concept of resonance and its implementations in physiological as well as astrophysical rhythms is of critical significance for life on earth and to human consciousness experience. Towards decoding the miraculous understanding of human consciousness we were able to access the consciousness science with the longest human record of biological as well as astrophysical indicators. Holistic perspective of human conscious experience based on 96000 hours of human heart record synchronized to Schuman Resonances, Solar Winds and Galactic Cosmic Rays and the resonance of those cosmic frequencies with human HRV,and the potential role of those whispering subsonic frequencies in global interconnectedness open new era of human perception of the universe .Our work as a ring in the golden chain established in 1920 by A L Chizhevsky ,supported by the new discoveries in Heart Rate Variability (HRV) arena with the evidence of direct mathematical relationship between the HRV patterns and the spectral information encoded in the magnetic field ,containing our magnetic potentials of our emotions and consciousness pillars are the bases of our new theory in the field. There is a direct relationship between the heart-rhythm patterns in the HRV waveforms and the spectral information encoded in the frequency spectra of the magnetic field radiated by the heart . Thus, information about a person’s emotional state is encoded in the heart’s magnetic field, and this information is communicated throughout the body and radiated out into the external environment.

The Heart Based Resonant Frequencies Theory of consciousness[HBRF] is complementary but not competitive to the models and theories of quantum consciousness by David Boehm, Karl Pribram, Penrose-.Hamerof, Hiroomi Umezawa and others The idea that quantum mechanics has something to do with the workings of the mind was developed by Eugene Wigner, Hungarian American theoretical physicist and Nobel Prize Laurate in Physics in 1963, who proposed that the wave function collapses due to its interaction with consciousness. Freeman Dyson argued that “mind, as manifested by the capacity to make choices, is to some extent inherent in every electron. David Bohm is theoretical physicists who contributed significantly to quantum theory, neuropsychology and the philosophy of mind. He stimulated new era of conceptual approach to consciousness with more fundamental level in the universe. He claimed both quantum theory and relativity pointed to this deeper theory, which he formulated as a quantum field theory. An energy-based concept of information was described by Dennis Gabor, who invented the hologram in 1947, which he described as quanta of information. Later on, he won Nobel prize in physics for this invention in 1971. Karl H. Pribram’s holonomic model of brain processing was described in his 1991 Brain and Perception book which include his perspectives on human consciousness with David Bohm. It describes human cognition by modeling the brain as a holographic storage network. In the long scientific journey toward decoding human consciousness the perfect direction in the field of consciousness science which was thought as unrealistic dream is to do a universal based experiment with four cardinal components: First is to choose a measurable indicator of common biological and astrophysical sensitivity which is malleable for Fourier analysis. Second: this indicator must be of true universal expansion to perceive the true consciousness eternal nature. Third is the ability to record the dynamics and responses of this indicator and its synchronicity with ecosystem variables and indicators for as long time period as possible. Fourth is the ability of this indicator to merge easily and in complementary manner with the quantum physics theories if applicable. This seemingly magic indicator was found to be the human Heart Rate Variability(HRV) which was investigated by our Task force Group in the King of Organs conferences (2006,2008,2010,2012,2019), and found to be truly representing the neurobiology of psychophysiological wellbeing and in the same time the only well documented biological window to the planetary resonances. The human heart is the central operator of our consciousness experience. It is the dominant pulsating electromagnetic force which encodes human emotions. The heart generates a series of electromagnetic pulses in which the time interval between each beat varies in a complex manner. These pulsing waves of electromagnetic energy give rise to interference patterns when they interact with magnetically polarizable tissues and substances The ability of electromagnetic fields to induce long range organization in living systems has been proposed by a number of researchers. Environmental electromagnetic fields could affect chemical reactions, both by direct contact and at a distance. In addition phenomena can be caused at distance, in solar and astrophysical space, due to radiation, and electromagnetics. The electromagnetic field acts as a messenger being able to involve simultaneously a large number of molecular components, affecting therefore a macroscopic being; electromagnetic fields interact with all the molecules present within its own wavelength. Moreover, liquid water, which accounts for the huge majority of molecular components of living organisms, should play an essential role in this process, as realized by Piccardi. It has been shown that biological dynamics works only when water exceeds a threshold. The miraculous role of electromagnetic field acting as the information carrier is not limited to the macro environment and galaxies but applies to the microscopic world. Epigenetic information related to DNA could be detected as electromagnetic signals radiated from solutions containing DNA. This information could be transferred to and instruct the re- creation of DNA in a remote test tube of water containing the appropriate basic constituents of DNA by electromagnetic frequency fields of 7.8 hertz, which is the first Schumann resonance frequency.

The delicate heart resonances in subsonic bands with Schumann Resonances, Solar Winds and to the extreme astronomic distant nuclear explosions of the endless galaxies represent tremendously organized universe with those sub sonic frequencies orchestrating what seems to .be the great venerable whisper of the universal human consciousness.

The Heart Based Resonant Frequencies Theory was based on longest record in human history, examined relationships between solar and magnetic factors and the time course and lags of autonomic nervous system (ANS) responses to changes in solar and geomagnetic activity. Daily ANS activity with its major contribution to human consciousness responds to changes in geomagnetic and solar activity during periods of normal undisturbed activity and it is initiated at different times after the changes in the various environmental factors and persist over varying time periods. The findings support the hypothesis that energetic environmental phenomena affect psychophysical processes that can affect people in different ways depending on their sensitivity, health status and capacity for self-regulation.

The humanity in the current era with lethal viruses, wars and economic crises is in critical need to have new Heart Based System capable of raising humanity and global consciousness to higher energetic levels distinguished by love and altruism. The state of cardiac coherence is well known to be the target for optimal psychophysiological well being. We have found that when individuals are in a state of heart coherence, the heart radiates a more coherent electromagnetic signal into the environment and they are more sensitive to detecting the information in the fields radiated by others. In a recent publication our group documented Global Heart Rhythm Synchronization of 104 participants located in Saudi Arabia, California, Lithuania, New Zealand, and England with the local Earth’s Time Varying Magnetic Field. Synchronization was evident between group members in each country in one hand and between group members and the local planet magnetic field on the other hand. We believe that earth pulse as evident by its electromagnetic field and its interaction with the human electromagnetic field is the vehicle and information carrier. Alabdulgader theory of consciousness which is the first Heart Based theory of consciousness is in complete concordance with the universal and central role of the human heart in the global consciousness perspective. It is based on three levels of energetic fields. First is the source of the energy, namely the Preserved Board(PB),which is the gigantic source of information contains the most delicate details of the emergence and the fate of all life events and all galaxies and creatures within it. Second is the media of information transmission, namely the massive electrosoliton and the potential magnetic patterns and fields transmitted through the galaxies until earth. Third is the receiver, the discriminator, and the magnetic patterns generator namely the heart and its pulsating magnetic field and associates in addition to the entangled electromagnetic fields, neurobiological processes of the brain and electrodermal response. The soul is the divine blow and the heart is the temple of the soul and its sovereign. The soul is the spirit of the heart which orchestrate the human organs as well as the universal energetic levels to the infinity where it connects us to our majestic creature, ALLA. The humanity will never raise its global consciousness until we adopt Heart Based Universal System where love and altruism dominate the planet.


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